Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back Online

Not that I've really been away, but I've been devoting my time to studio work and have elected to partially ignore my site and the updates I should have been keeping up with.
A large part of the last several months has been devoted to writing proposals for projects, grant writing, and applications to residencies. In doing all this I have made several large drawings, though for the time being they only live in digital form. This is a time consuming process and it is frustrating for me as an artist to only be making work in the computer. I need tangible processes and results.
Here are a few of the images for proposed projects. For the sake of the the anonymity of the clients, I have not included where these proposal are for.

The next few images are all from the same proposed installation. Complete with sound and multi-chanel video.
As time consuming as these are, I never feel like they should be a part of any of my portfolios, so sadly for the time being this is the only place these will be seen.
I'm currently working on a major proposal that has come to fruition. I'll be posting more about this soon.