Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back from the woods

i got back last weekend from a really great residency at the hambidge center in north georgia. it was a great opportunity to make art, mediate on some coming shows and get some god momentum on my studio practice. here are some images from the trip and a few of the pieces that i made while i was in residency there.

and here's the art. these are part of a series of 13 works. they are ink on frosted mylar over a traditional cprint (color photo for the lay folk). some of these mylar pieces have been cut into to reveal specific items of the photograph beneath, creating an interesting dimensional push and pull in the imagery.

i've yet to really craft my artist statement for these much less title the work, but i've been thinking a lot about how these are kind of post apocalyptic view of the cityscape. the photos are barren of life with people drawn back in that speak about the memory of place and the chaos that ensues during the collapse of a city. more once i've fleshed out an artist statement on this stuff.

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Burn Away said...

These are all great. I especially like that third piece, and the cutouts in general.

It's really cool to see these and your big wheatpasted mural on the same page - I can definitely see the progression.